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6+ quotes from Blood Trail by C.J. Box

Quotes from Blood Trail

C.J. Box ·  301 pages

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“AS A HUNTER I am looked down upon in Western society. I am portrayed as a brute. I am denigrated and spat upon, and thought of as a slow-witted anachronism, the dregs of a discredited culture. This happened quickly when one looks at human history. The skills I possess—the ability to track, hunt, kill, and dress out my prey so it can be served at a table to feed others—were prized for tens of thousands of years. Hunters fed those in the tribe and family who could not hunt well or did not hunt because they weren’t physically able to. The success of the hunter produced not only healthy food and clothing, tools, medicine, and amenities, but a direct hot-blooded connection with God and the natural world. The hunter was the provider, and exalted as such.”
― C.J. Box, quote from Blood Trail

“I often think that in the world we live in today, where we are threatened by forces as violent and primitive as anything we have ever faced, that it would be wise to look back a little ourselves and embrace our heritage. We were once a nation of hunters. And not the effete, European-style hunters who did it for sport. We hunted for our food, our independence. It’s what made us who we are. But, like so many other virtues that made us unique, we have, as a society, forgotten where we came from and how we got here. What was once both noble and essential has become perverted and indefensible.”
― C.J. Box, quote from Blood Trail

“I know Edmond Locard’s Principle, the central theory of modern forensic crime-scene investigation: something is always left behind.”
― C.J. Box, quote from Blood Trail

“It’s strange how often human beings die without any kind of style.”
― C.J. Box, quote from Blood Trail

“You see, humans always leave something behind.”
― C.J. Box, quote from Blood Trail

“Good hunters considered hunting a solemn privilege and a means to reconnect with the natural world, to place themselves back on earth, into a place without supermarkets, processed foods, and commercial meat manufacturing industries. Hunting was basic, primal, and humbling.”
― C.J. Box, quote from Blood Trail

About the author

C.J. Box
Born place: Wyoming, The United States
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