Quotes from First Bitten

Samantha Towle ·  272 pages

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“Why do you even want to be here with me? You can barely stand to look at me for the most part, let alone be around me. I'm doing you a favor here, Nathan. I'm freeing you of me."
"I'm not asking."
"I thought we were done."
"We'll never be done.”
― Samantha Towle, quote from First Bitten

“With a quick check, he pulls out onto the road and we roar off in a trail of dust, leaving my stomach still somewhere on his driveway and my heart completely in his hands.”
― Samantha Towle, quote from First Bitten

“I'll never love anyone like I love him, and I'll always be his whether I'm with him or not.”
― Samantha Towle, quote from First Bitten

“His hormones never calmed down once they set in when he was a teenager.”“Yeah, we've considered getting him neutered,” Nathan adds,a goading tone to his voice.I see Nathan and Sol share a look,then Sol says,“Sorry, when did you last get laid, Nate? Oh yeah, about a year ago.” He smiles smugly. “Me, you ask? Oh well, I got some yesterday.”
― Samantha Towle, quote from First Bitten

“Oh God, you’re one of those pimps that takes girls off the streets and gets them addicted to drugs and turns them into prostitutes, aren’t you?!” My future suddenly maps out in front of me. I can see myself all greasy hair, short skirts and ripped tights, getting into stranger’s cars.”
― Samantha Towle, quote from First Bitten

“So overnight I’ve somehow turned into a woman who has sex with a complete stranger, a slightly weird stranger might I add, that results in my clothes getting ruined to the point of incineration and I have no memory of said sex. Which I suppose in a way is kind of a shame because he is really fit.”
― Samantha Towle, quote from First Bitten

“How Nathan doesn't know I fancy him is beyond me. I may as well walk around with a sandwich board, saying 'I heart Nathan', ringing a bell”
― Samantha Towle, quote from First Bitten

“But mainly, he hates that he didn’t get there in time to save you.”
… “He did save me.” My voice sounds inept.
Jack shakes his head, gently. “No love, not in the way he wishes.”
― Samantha Towle, quote from First Bitten

“So let me get this straight.”I rub my nose.“You've brought me out to hunt and kill animals with my bare hands?”A smile ghosts his face. He scratches his cheek. “Well teeth, but basically, yes.”Oh God. This is his idea of going out? No wonder he hasn't got a girlfriend.”
― Samantha Towle, quote from First Bitten

“Why did you break up?”
“Because she didn’t like what I became after I left the army.”
“And what was that?”
He stares deep into my eyes. A sudden coolness overtakes the warmth. It sends an unexpected chill running through me. “Uncaring. Hard. Cold,” he answers dryly.
I swallow down. “And what were you before?”
“Uncaring ... hard ... cold.” He grins, his warmth instantly returning.”
― Samantha Towle, quote from First Bitten

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Samantha Towle
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