9+ quotes from Bird by Tami Egonu

Quotes from Bird

Tami Egonu ·  304 pages

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“Money soothes a lot of ills and helps people to tolerate what they might not otherwise be able to stomach.”
― Tami Egonu, quote from Bird

“If there is life after death, indeed life before life, then it would make more sense to me for it is as though I have known you always, through time and space and despite all logic, I know you as I know myself, as no one else does.”
― Tami Egonu, quote from Bird

“It is my name for you. Amaka is a Nigerian name and it means beautiful.”
― Tami Egonu, quote from Bird

“The weeks in August had passed by in a hot and humid haze. So many people had prayed for good weather after heavy rain caused fear of floods, and when finally the sun appeared with a vengeance they again set to praying, this time for the return of the rain clouds to make the air bearable again.”
― Tami Egonu, quote from Bird

“You used to tell me lots of secrets,' she said.
  `That was a long time ago. We were children.'
  `I still get treated like a child by some,”
― Tami Egonu, quote from Bird

“The smile on Amelia's face could not have been brighter. When she had gone, Maude asked for God's forgiveness for being the bearer of such unforgivable news and asked him to look after one of his children.”
― Tami Egonu, quote from Bird

“If you consider your mind like a garden,' he began earnestly, `a garden needs to be tended regularly to prevent weeds from springing and suffocating other flowers and plants, to keep the garden tidy and clear, if you like. The mind works in the same way. Negative thoughts spring up and you must be aware of them, but do not attach yourself to them. Simply, you must discard them like a weed, cast them aside so that positive thoughts are given the space to dazzle in the sunlight.”
― Tami Egonu, quote from Bird

“I love that you have dreams but always remember that reality is here right now and is a lot harsher that anything you may possibly imagine. Always be aware of everything around you, especially those you love. Those closest to us sometimes have a habit of destroying us, whether intentionally or not.”
― Tami Egonu, quote from Bird

“Josiah said he did not believe in daydreams, although it seemed to her that was all she had to keep hope alive, for reality was proving far more desolate than she could ever have imagined.”
― Tami Egonu, quote from Bird

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Tami Egonu
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