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5+ quotes from Incendiary by Carole Cummings

Quotes from Incendiary

Carole Cummings ·  300 pages

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“Yeah, you're fucked up, baby." He smiled a little and kissed Fen again. "'S part of what I love about you.”
― Carole Cummings, quote from Incendiary

“There was probably something very wrong with the fact that an exchange of death threats made Malick all warm and fuzzy, but there it was.”
― Carole Cummings, quote from Incendiary

“Focus, Fen. You've been using pain for it all your bloody life. How badly do you want him dead?”
― Carole Cummings, quote from Incendiary

“I think that's the most terrifying thing about being... loved--that you can hurt someone so badly just by being what you are.”
― Carole Cummings, quote from Incendiary

“Ah, Joori--couldn't live with him, couldn't chop him up for stew.”
― Carole Cummings, quote from Incendiary

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