Quotes from In a Heartbeat

Loretta Ellsworth ·  217 pages

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“Hearts are like stones on an ocean beach...And people are like the tides that leave permanent marks on them.”
― Loretta Ellsworth, quote from In a Heartbeat

“And I couldn't help but think about the time during the operation when there was nothing in my check: when they removed my heart, and before they put the other hear tin. When I was connected to the heart and lunch machine. When I was technically dead....

But I wasn't dead now...”
― Loretta Ellsworth, quote from In a Heartbeat

“Hearts are like stones on an ocean beach, she says. An people are like the tides that leave permanent marks on them.”
― Loretta Ellsworth, quote from In a Heartbeat


About the author

Loretta Ellsworth
Born place: in Mason City, Iowa, The United States
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“All power corrupts, but we need electricity.”
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“В 1991 году Disney заставила группу родителей в захолустном городке Новой Зеландии убрать с самодельных росписей стен на детской площадке изображения Плуто и Утенка Доналда. Компания Barney разгоняет детские дни рождения по всей Америке, заявляя, что, когда родители наряжаются лиловым динозавром, они нарушают авторские права на созданный компанией персонаж. Lyons Group, которая владеет правами на персонаж Barney, «разослала 1000 писем владельцам магазинов», продающих или дающих напрокат преступные костюмы. «Они могут держать костюмы динозавра. Но когда динозавр лиловый — это противозаконно, причем оттенок лилового не имеет значения», — говорит Сюзанна Элзнер-Фурман, пресс-секретарь Lyons.”
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“She blushed softly as she viewed herself in the mirror, suddenly aware that he was once more behind her eyes, seeing her just as she did.
“You could at least warn me,” she said aloud, cocking a scolding brow at her reflection.
And deprive myself of this side of you? I would not dream of it.
Legna smiled, moving closer to her looking glass.
She gasped when she got a closer look at herself, her hand coming up to her cheek in shock as she looked into her eyes.
“My eyes!” she exclaimed.
My eyes, he said.
He couldn’t have spoken a clearer truth. It was his mercury-colored irises that had become part of her reflection, the multicolored gray and green gone from their familiar place. She sighed with resignation, supposing to herself that since it wasn’t likely she could do anything about it, she would have to get used to it.
“I do not suppose you will show up here suddenly sprouting coffee-colored hair?” she asked hopefully.
No, sweet, that is not likely.
“Well, this is a highly unfair situation!” she cried with exaggerated petulance. “An exchange historically indicates one thing being swapped for another. So far I only see you in me, but none of me in you. It feels terribly high-handed. How typical of you.”
He did not respond, only a soft impression of laughter flitting through her mind. Odd, but she realized then that she had hardly ever heard him laugh before. She was surprised by how comfortable it sounded on him. He had always been so serious, so . . .
“If you do not mind, do refrain from editing my personal thoughts,” she scolded, her arching tone taunting and haughty.”
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“Magical, unbelievably magical, Unicorns practically breathed magic. He was to a horse what a horse was to a pig. Four tiny cloven hooves shone like burnished silver, slender legs as graceful as an antelope's led to a slender body, a delicate neck with an arch like the stem of a lily-blossom and a head like the blossom itself, crowned with that glorious pearly horn. And the eyes- big golden-brown eyes you could fall into and never come out of-
'It's a male Unicorn, Andie.' Her brain prompted her with that information. 'Male Unicorns are attracted to female virgins, female Unicorns are attracted to male virgins.”
― Mercedes Lackey, quote from One Good Knight

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