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Loretta Ellsworth ·  217 pages

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“Hearts are like stones on an ocean beach...And people are like the tides that leave permanent marks on them.”
― Loretta Ellsworth, quote from In a Heartbeat

“And I couldn't help but think about the time during the operation when there was nothing in my check: when they removed my heart, and before they put the other hear tin. When I was connected to the heart and lunch machine. When I was technically dead....

But I wasn't dead now...”
― Loretta Ellsworth, quote from In a Heartbeat

“Hearts are like stones on an ocean beach, she says. An people are like the tides that leave permanent marks on them.”
― Loretta Ellsworth, quote from In a Heartbeat


About the author

Loretta Ellsworth
Born place: in Mason City, Iowa, The United States
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