Quotes from Chasing Magic

Stacia Kane ·  376 pages

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“I ain't...Don't know how to say it up right. Never--Fuck, Chess. Thought you was dead once before, you recall? Never felt so bad in my life, not ever. Then on the other day, thought you was gone and just....I can't do it, bein without you.”
― Stacia Kane, quote from Chasing Magic

“Shit. You so fuckin pretty, Chessie. True thing. So … ain’t even can breathe sometimes.”
― Stacia Kane, quote from Chasing Magic

“Love you, Chessie,” he murmured. “Ain’t never … Fuckin love you, more’n anything.”
― Stacia Kane, quote from Chasing Magic

“How I can do that one, aye? Leave my Chessiebomb there without me.”
― Stacia Kane, quote from Chasing Magic

“That was the problem with love, though, wasn't it. It couldn't be helped, couldn't be controlled. It just roared in and took whatever it wanted, destroyed whatever it wanted; the most dangerous addiction of all, because nobody survived it intact.
But an addiction that was impossible to let go.”
― Stacia Kane, quote from Chasing Magic

“Mine, Chessie." [...] "Aye? Fuckin--mine. Not his.”
― Stacia Kane, quote from Chasing Magic

“Bump looked from one of them to the other.
“What we fuckin got here, you playin a fuckin show-an-tell? I ought should go get me something for holding up, an join the fuck in?”
― Stacia Kane, quote from Chasing Magic

“She wasn’t going to lie and she wasn’t going to try to hide Terrible or who he was. She loved him and he was hers, and that made her so proud her chest hurt, and if anybody didn’t like it they could go fuck themselves.”
― Stacia Kane, quote from Chasing Magic

“Ain’t ever been the type for lazin, aye?” His hands slid down over her hips. “Why we ain’t leave now, I show you—”
― Stacia Kane, quote from Chasing Magic

“She’d really made the fuckup that kept on fucking up, hadn’t she?”
― Stacia Kane, quote from Chasing Magic

“Ain’t got no shit to fuckin worry on, dig. Ladybird good enough to handle any all comes she fuckin way.”
― Stacia Kane, quote from Chasing Magic

“Well, lookee there. Be a fuck of a night, yay?”
― Stacia Kane, quote from Chasing Magic

“Any fuckin place I gots the thinking of where some shit maybe got stuffed into, I ain't for fuck wanting get my fuckin look-see in.”
― Stacia Kane, quote from Chasing Magic

“What was she supposed to do, reach in and start pulling stuff out? Shit, what was she doing, why was she doing this? How the hell had she ended up there, in a freezer, about to shove her hand into a corpse like it was a cereal box and she was looking for a prize?”
― Stacia Kane, quote from Chasing Magic

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Stacia Kane
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