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Tamora Pierce ·  232 pages

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“Rosethorn had gone to her room the moment Niko started to cough. Now she returned with her syrup and a firm look in her eye. "I thought you were having trouble last night. Drink this." She poured some into a cup and held it out to him.

Niko looked at it as if she offered him rotten fish. "I am fine. I am per-" He couldn't even finish the sentence for coughing.

"It's not bad," said Tris, crossing her fingers behind her back. "Really, tastes like-like mangoes."

Niko looked at her, then took the cup and downed its contents. The four watched with interest as his cheeks turned pale, then scarlet. "That's terrible (exclamation point)" he cried, his voice a thin squeak.

"Maybe I was thinking of some other syrup," Tris remarked with a straight face.”
― Tamora Pierce, quote from Daja's Book

“Tris: "What if I don't want to cut up aloe leaves?"
Rosethorn: "Ask me if I care what you want.”
― Tamora Pierce, quote from Daja's Book

“Daja doesn't exactly need to be tested on whether she's honorable or not."
"Doesn't she? Don't all of you? This is your first taste of the things which may come from your being powerful mages. People will offer you gold, status, even love. I want to know how you will react. If want to know if your teachers will release greedy, thoughtless monsters into the world.”
― Tamora Pierce, quote from Daja's Book

“Sandry: "There has to be something we can do."
Lark: "We're mages. We do what we can, but some problems are too big to fix."
Sandry: "Then I wish I weren't a mage. What good is magic, if you can't use it to help people.”
― Tamora Pierce, quote from Daja's Book

“Never before had she seen such creatures, though they looked much live very large, very shaggy white goats. Thin black horns punctuated the top of their long faces.

You look like a collection of grandfathers, she thought, amused.”
― Tamora Pierce, quote from Daja's Book

“What good is magic, if you can't use it to help people?”
― Tamora Pierce, quote from Daja's Book

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Tamora Pierce
Born place: in South Connellsville, Pennsylvania, The United States
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