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Michael Connelly ·  454 pages

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“Working homicide for so many years, Bosch could not be surprised anymore by the horrors people inflicted on each other. But the horrors people saved for themselves were a different story.”
― Michael Connelly, quote from Angels Flight

“He had lived alone most of his life. He was used to places that were empty. He knew the real shelter of a home was inside yourself.”
― Michael Connelly, quote from Angels Flight

“The rich kept you waiting so you could feel free to admire all that they had.”
― Michael Connelly, quote from Angels Flight

“People are the worst animals,” Rider said. “They will do anything to each other. Just to indulge their fantasies.”
― Michael Connelly, quote from Angels Flight

“Overreacting as usual,” Bosch said. “One fire and they’re all there, showing the flames. You know what that does? That’s like throwing gasoline on it. It will spread now. People will see that in their living rooms and go outside to see what is happening. Groups will form, things will be said and people won’t be able to back down from their anger. One thing will lead to another and we’ll have our media-manufactured riot.”
― Michael Connelly, quote from Angels Flight

“But before I left,” Rider continued, “I learned enough to know that most often sexual abuse of children comes from inside the family, relatives or close friends. The boogey monsters who climb through the window and abduct are few and far between.”
― Michael Connelly, quote from Angels Flight

“The excitement and adrenaline that accompany a new case caused a false high that always wore off quickly.”
― Michael Connelly, quote from Angels Flight

“The rich kept you waiting so that you could feel free to admire all that they had.”
― Michael Connelly, quote from Angels Flight

“Everyone was oblivious to the seething hatred and anger that churned in other parts of the city — beneath the surface like an undiscovered fault line waiting to open up and swallow all above.”
― Michael Connelly, quote from Angels Flight

“Civil unrest occurs when the feelings of overwhelming powerlessness hit critical mass.”
― Michael Connelly, quote from Angels Flight

“Somebody once called the media the merchants of chaos.”
― Michael Connelly, quote from Angels Flight

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Michael Connelly
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