7+ quotes from Beauty from Love by Georgia Cates

Quotes from Beauty from Love

Georgia Cates ·  292 pages

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“This is it-the life I saw when I dreamed of our future. It was always you, me, and her, but this is just the beginning. There's so much more to come. More life together. More happiness. More babies.”
― Georgia Cates, quote from Beauty from Love

“You were once my beauty from pain, before you became by beauty from surrender. Now you've adapted into something different again."
"And what is that?"
"My beauty from love-both of you. Forever.”
― Georgia Cates, quote from Beauty from Love

“Dammit, Laurelyn. You make me the man I am today-the one who loves his wife and wants to be a father. When are you gonna see that you've undone all the damage she caused. You make me...unbroken.”
― Georgia Cates, quote from Beauty from Love

“I love you pretty girl."
"And I love you cave, man.”
― Georgia Cates, quote from Beauty from Love

“I couldn't help myself from falling in love with this woman. When she took my hand, I willingly gave her my whole life.”
― Georgia Cates, quote from Beauty from Love

“I’m happier than a camel on Wednesday.”
― Georgia Cates, quote from Beauty from Love

“Nookie.” I giggle because the word itself is funny but hearing her say it makes it even more so. “I’m going to give you some advice because you’re still a new wife—and because my son can be a little shit at times. I know; I’m his mum.” She looks around as though she’s about to reveal top-secret information. “Nookie equals power and there’s a reason he wants it from you all the time. It levels the playing field. Don’t like something he’s doing? Take the nookie away. Get the results you want. Need him to see things your way but he refuses? Withhold the nookie and he’ll make the fastest attitude adjustment you’ve ever seen. Want your husband to retire because he’s going to work himself into an early grave and miss his grandchildren growing up the way he missed his kids? Close the gates of nookie and get your husband home with you instead of burying him. That’s how you work it, darling. You use the power of the nookie to get the results you want.”
― Georgia Cates, quote from Beauty from Love

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Georgia Cates
Born place: in The United States
Born date September 11, 1975
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