8+ quotes from Behind the Tears by Marita A. Hansen

Quotes from Behind the Tears

Marita A. Hansen ·  524 pages

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“So, his cock accidently slipped into your pussy?”
― Marita A. Hansen, quote from Behind the Tears

“I betcha masturbate while reading your books. He started imitating a woman's voice. "Oh fuck me harder, Flabio, oh yes, oh no, but we shouldn't , you're too big and I'm a virgin, but oh, you fit so right, but we still mustn't, we're not married, but oh, oh, oh, yes, yes, YES! ~ Dante”
― Marita A. Hansen, quote from Behind the Tears

“But YOU hurt me. You ripped my heart out and spat on it.” He grabbed the neck of her blouse and tore it open, then placed a hand on her heart and pushed her against the wall. “Do you have a heart in there or are you just a stone-cold bitch who enjoys screwing with people’s lives?" (Dante speaking to Beth).”
― Marita A. Hansen, quote from Behind the Tears

“I don't sleep with that many chicks, and if I did, so what? There's nuthin' wrong with sex. It's you religious types who have a problem with it, slut-shaming people who enjoy what your so-called God gave them.”
― Marita A. Hansen, quote from Behind the Tears

“He closed his eyes and let his head fall back, his visage a portrait of sex. (A description of Dante).”
― Marita A. Hansen, quote from Behind the Tears

“She pulled off her blouse and threw it at him, her hands shaking badly. She needed to shock him into silence, because she couldn’t handle much more of his venom, plus she was willing to do anything to get him, to make him want her as much as she wanted him, and if it meant stripping down to nothing then she’d do it, because he was already stripping her nerves raw." (Beth with Dante).”
― Marita A. Hansen, quote from Behind the Tears

“I can't take loving people only for them to be taken away. Everyone I love leaves me. I hate it, I fuckin'hate it, it's not right, Can't you stop it, just stop it, fuck, get it to stop!”
― Marita A. Hansen, quote from Behind the Tears

“If he's after sledge I'd say he's a bottom, and a very sore one if he succeeds , cos your bro looks like he's got a third leg down there, it's so fucking huge. Got an eyeful once when I walked in on him while he was showering"...”
― Marita A. Hansen, quote from Behind the Tears

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Marita A. Hansen
Born place: in Auckland, New Zealand
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