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Charlotte McConaghy ·  384 pages

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“A woman's beauty is in her strength and her passion.”
― Charlotte McConaghy, quote from Avery

“I wouldn't pick you as the kind of man who'd care to die nicely."
He leant forward, lacing his hands together. "How do you think I'd like to die?"
"In a blaze of ice and fury." He was from Pirenti, after all.
The corner of his mouth hitched up at that, but it was a humourless expression, one filled with chipped edges and painted regrets. "And you?" he asked. " How would you like to die, Avery of Kaya?"
I picked up the oars and started to row.
"I'm already dead, Ambrose.”
― Charlotte McConaghy, quote from Avery

“He smiled. And as I looked at the naked beauty of the expression, I fell in love with him.
It was that simple, that complicated.”
― Charlotte McConaghy, quote from Avery

“It's simple, being hurt. But it's complicated, loving someone.”
― Charlotte McConaghy, quote from Avery

“Who has ever loved as boldly as he does?”
― Charlotte McConaghy, quote from Avery

“She was abstractly beautiful, as I had always wished to be, but I now found her ugly, understanding as I did now that real beauty simply came from happiness.”
― Charlotte McConaghy, quote from Avery

“And then I stopped thinking about Prince Ambrose of Pirenti, because he was destroying me.”
― Charlotte McConaghy, quote from Avery

“I keep asking myself why this happened," I told him softly. "How you and I could have possibly ended up here, together. I think I'm supposed to help you realise."
"Realise what?"
"The man you will be.”
― Charlotte McConaghy, quote from Avery

“And that was when I realised I wasn't the strongest man in the world after all. I was the weakest.”
― Charlotte McConaghy, quote from Avery

“Forget dying. I suddenly wanted to inflict pain. My anger was a living, breathing thing controlling my body, making me shake. It was funny what a person with only half a soul could feel: no joy, no pleasure, no amusement, no longing or desire or fear – but they could feel anger, more keenly than if they were whole. Sharper than they ever had before they were destroyed – anger like it kept you alive, anger like air. I’d thought, many times, that it might have been only this anger that allowed me to survive at all.”
― Charlotte McConaghy, quote from Avery

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Charlotte McConaghy
Born place: in Australia
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