5+ quotes from Armageddon's Children by Terry Brooks

Quotes from Armageddon's Children

Terry Brooks ·  371 pages

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“When she cried, he would say, "there is nothing wrong with crying. Your feelings tell you who are. They tell what is important. Don't ever be ashamed of them.”
― Terry Brooks, quote from Armageddon's Children

“What they didn't want to believe, what they tried repeatedly to dismiss, was that whatever good and evil existed in the world came from within themselves and not from some abstract source.”
― Terry Brooks, quote from Armageddon's Children

“Not everything we do in this world is about us, Panther. Sometimes we have do things for other reasons. Sometimes we've got to forget about ourselves and help others. If not, what's the point?”
― Terry Brooks, quote from Armageddon's Children

“This is what dying is like, he thinks. You do it alone. You are debased by it. You are exposed to your own weaknesses and to the harsh reality of what it means.”
― Terry Brooks, quote from Armageddon's Children

“What they didn’t want to believe, what they tried repeatedly to dismiss, was that whatever good and evil existed in the world came from within themselves and not from some abstract source.”
― Terry Brooks, quote from Armageddon's Children

About the author

Terry Brooks
Born place: in Sterling, Illinois, The United States
Born date January 8, 1944
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