7+ quotes from Airel: The Awakening by Aaron M. Patterson

Quotes from Airel: The Awakening

Aaron M. Patterson ·  186 pages

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“I always had to buy a book, even if I wasn't done with the one I was currently reading. I loved to read. I felt like the trun of each page echoed between the covers of the world inside them-and each book had its own rules. There, within the mystique of that connection, was something special, and I was an addict.”
― Aaron M. Patterson, quote from Airel: The Awakening

“She stood and looked at James as if he was on clearance at Vanity, which was her favorite store at the moment.”
― Aaron M. Patterson, quote from Airel: The Awakening

“We can only love the way we were created to if we are first whole in ourselves.”
― Aaron M. Patterson, quote from Airel: The Awakening

“I was going to kill her. Murder, kill—and then for the kicker—unfriend her on Facebook.”
― Aaron M. Patterson, quote from Airel: The Awakening

“That’s what the school lunch program gets ya—food that could be barf, and barf that could be food. ”
― Aaron M. Patterson, quote from Airel: The Awakening

“Oh, to be a guy. But then I’d have to be a guy.”
― Aaron M. Patterson, quote from Airel: The Awakening

“There he was. Mr. Napkins. I was Miss Coffee Spill, and I so wanted to be Mrs. Napkins.”
― Aaron M. Patterson, quote from Airel: The Awakening

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