9+ quotes from Adultolescence

Quotes from Adultolescence

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“are you happy, or are you not sad?”
― quote from Adultolescence

“everyone’s asking if i’m feeling okay. the truth is i’m always feeling this way. i’m just having a hard time disguising it today.”
― quote from Adultolescence

“LOTION have you ever received a gift that was placed inside of a box that was recycled from another, much more intriguing present? like, you pull back the pretty paper and you see iPad packaging, but then you open the lid, and inside is a lotion set? i meet a lot of people like that. exciting outside, disappointing inside. don’t be lotion.”
― quote from Adultolescence

“PUNISHMENT if you plan on giving someone the silent treatment, make sure they give a fuck about what you have to say”
― quote from Adultolescence

“LOVE i saw a very old man buying pads for a woman today. that’s the kind of love i want. old man buying feminine hygiene products kind of love.”
― quote from Adultolescence

“the thing about a smile is it can make somebody’s day.”
― quote from Adultolescence

“QUOTES “i’m not gonna lie.” —someone who’s about to lie “i hate drama.” —a very dramatic person “i don’t care what people think.” —an insecure individual “i’m not like other girls.” —a particularly predictable girl “i would like a snack.” —me”
― quote from Adultolescence

“is it “never give up on the one you love” or “if you love them, let them go” ’cause these quotes are getting confusing and, honestly, i just gotta know.”
― quote from Adultolescence

“I don't fear death.
I fear the end of all my thoughts and dreams
That will disappear into nothingness when I die.”
― quote from Adultolescence

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“If you want to preach, young man, you ought to wear some kind of clerical costume so people would be warned. In my mind, there are too many unpleasant things in life as it is without creating still more of them. I hate le misérabilisme. I’m in the shining business, not the darkening business.”
― Susan Vreeland, quote from Luncheon of the Boating Party

“Plato defined good as threefold in character: good in the soul, expressed through the virtues; good in the body, expressed through the symmetry and endurance of the parts; and good in the external world, expressed through social position and companionship.”
― Manly P. Hall, quote from Secret Teachings of All Ages: An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Quabbalistic, and Ro

“Dios os contempla, mierdosos, y se avergüenza de vosotros...”
― Boris Vian, quote from Heartsnatcher

“I recall the look in Rhauk's eyes the moment he spotted Kate. It will stay with me forever, carved into my brain like an engraving on a headstone. It's as if he found something he treasured, something he's been looking for all his life.”
― Marianne Curley, quote from Old Magic

“and I can tell you God makes us how he needs us to be.”
― Wiley Cash, quote from A Land More Kind Than Home

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