Quotes from Academy 7

Anne Osterlund ·  272 pages

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“When you have the same dream over and over again, your brain is trying to solve a problem. It knows there's an answer.”
― Anne Osterlund, quote from Academy 7

“Look, Aerin, preparation is only half the challenge of winning a debate.”
“And the other half?”
He had her now. “You have to choose the right side.”
“Your side, you mean.” She bristled.
“No, the losing side.”
“Always choose the weaker side.”
“Why would I do that?” Doubt edged her voice, but now she was sitting erect, her feet flat on the floor.
“Because then you have further to go to prove your case.” He eased the feet of his chair down. “In a debate, there are two sides. If both make a good argument, then the less popular side wins because that side had further to go to prove its point. Simple logistics.”
“If you don’t care which side wins.” She frowned.
“It’s a debate. It doesn’t matter which side wins.”
“You mean it doesn’t matter to you.” The tone in her voice unsettled him. Or maybe it was the fact that that her criticism disturbed him at all.
“It’s a class,” he said. “The point is to flesh out the different sides of an argument.”
“And you don’t care if the truth gets lost in the shuffle. Don’t you believe in anything?!”
― Anne Osterlund, quote from Academy 7

“Don't care he reminded himself. Because if he didn't care she couldnt hurt him”
― Anne Osterlund, quote from Academy 7

“If you get stuck and are not sure what to do, try something.”
― Anne Osterlund, quote from Academy 7

“Gregory: Go to hell.
Dane: I'd be glad to leave you in it.”
― Anne Osterlund, quote from Academy 7

“Please be aware that your exam scores provide you only with your entrance into the school. They do not ensure your ability to stay.”
― Anne Osterlund, quote from Academy 7

“Your mother never considered giving you up.

― Anne Osterlund, quote from Academy 7

“He felt the muscle of his heart rip apart, and there was nothing he could do but watch it bleed all over the dreams he had never meant to have.”
― Anne Osterlund, quote from Academy 7

“But there was a constant willingness to take out a
topic, test it, shake it apart, mix up the pieces, and test them again.”
― Anne Osterlund, quote from Academy 7

“Dane: Damn it, Aerin you don't have a plane

Aerin: I'll take yours.

Dane: The hell you will!”
― Anne Osterlund, quote from Academy 7

“Gregory: Well, Dane, you could share your impression with my alma mater instead.
Dane: It's a challenge.
Gregory: Glad to hear that hasn't changed. And which part do you find the most challenging?
Dane: Living up to your reputation.”
― Anne Osterlund, quote from Academy 7

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