Quotes from A Modern Witch

Debora Geary ·  420 pages

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“Seeing the future sounds cool until you get this two-second flash and have no idea what it means, or if it will really happen.”
― Debora Geary, quote from A Modern Witch

“I wasn’t a witch until last Wednesday,” Lauren said.  “I don’t know how to handle this.” “You’ve always been a witch, sweetheart.  You just didn’t know.”
― Debora Geary, quote from A Modern Witch

“Friends who can accept you, even when the rules change like that, are gold.”
― Debora Geary, quote from A Modern Witch

“the best conversations wandered and twisted around.  Sometimes you learn more that way than traveling in straight lines. ”
― Debora Geary, quote from A Modern Witch

“Nat gave her a lopsided grin.  “Something like that.” “This is one weird February.”
― Debora Geary, quote from A Modern Witch

“She yanked open the door of the bagel shop and gratefully charged inside. Her mind reeled.  Too many voices, too many feelings, too much.  Lauren felt her stomach churning and clutched the door handle.  She focused on the handle.  That was the way out.  The three steps to carry her back out the door were a marathon.  When the door closed, she sank to her knees.”
― Debora Geary, quote from A Modern Witch

“ “I’m pretty sure if it weren’t for you, I’d have spent the rest of my life terrified of crowded places.  I can’t thank you enough.”
― Debora Geary, quote from A Modern Witch

“In theory, a coven is just a group of witches working together.”  Jamie looked pained. “In practice?” “In practice, it tends to be really heavy on ritual, really light on actual magic.”
― Debora Geary, quote from A Modern Witch

“It’s because I’m a witch that I can take these pictures,” Jennie said.  “A good portrait photographer shows the outside of a person; a great one shows the inside.  Being a mind witch makes it a little easier to see the inside, to know what the photograph needs to show.”
― Debora Geary, quote from A Modern Witch

“As instructed, she visualized the first moves in her mind, and then began.  No words—her class was supposed to be reading the pictures in her mind.  Knees bend, arms sweep up, breathe in.  Stretch for the gorgeous blue sky and feel the warmth.  Breathe out, arms sweep down and to heart center.  Repeat.”
― Debora Geary, quote from A Modern Witch

“I have new batteries in the iPod, so she can have her own personal force field back. ”
― Debora Geary, quote from A Modern Witch

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