Quotes from A Mango-Shaped Space

Wendy Mass ·  221 pages

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“They say the eyes are the window to the soul.”
― Wendy Mass, quote from A Mango-Shaped Space

“I'm going to be so normal that when people look up normal in the dictionary, my name will be there.”
― Wendy Mass, quote from A Mango-Shaped Space

“All those people in their black-and-white worlds - they have no idea what they're missing”
― Wendy Mass, quote from A Mango-Shaped Space

“… I just figured it would be easier to do the math problem with the numbers in the correct colors.”
― Wendy Mass, quote from A Mango-Shaped Space

“orange trail leading down to the kitchen and”
― Wendy Mass, quote from A Mango-Shaped Space

“If I could paint, I would do it myself.”
― Wendy Mass, quote from A Mango-Shaped Space

“When I was little, I used to run out into the rain and let the water run all over me. Then one day I saw lightning split a tree nearly in half. That pretty much took the joy out of prancing around in thunderstorms.”
― Wendy Mass, quote from A Mango-Shaped Space

“I open my eyes and stare at the page. I see the black letters. But I also see the pinks and greens and purples and yellows. I can’t say I’m surprised.”
― Wendy Mass, quote from A Mango-Shaped Space

“My mission was to multiply twenty-four times nine.”
― Wendy Mass, quote from A Mango-Shaped Space

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Wendy Mass
Born place: Livingston, The United States
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