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“Is there any person in the world who does not dream? Who does not contain within them worlds unimagined?”
― Neil Gaiman, quote from World's End

“So, if a city has a personality, maybe it also has a soul. Maybe it dreams.”
― Neil Gaiman, quote from World's End

“I don't really like driving in the snow. There's something about the motion of the falling snowflakes that hurts my eyes, throws my sense of balance all to hell. It's like tumbling into a field of stars.”
― Neil Gaiman, quote from World's End

“Sometimes big things happen, and they echo. Those echoes crash across worlds. They are the ripples in the fabric of things. Often they manifest as storms. Reality is a fragile thing, after all.”
― Neil Gaiman, quote from World's End

“Nothing you do in the White House matters. You know why not? Because as far as the mass of voting morons is concerned, while you're in office, you'll still be the worst single president they've ever had until you stop. Then it's some other poor bastard's turn. And even that doesn't matter, because ten, twenty years later, they'll look back on you, and wonder why they didn't appreciate you when they had you...You don't get to make a difference. You don't get to do jack shit. You know what you get?...You get an entry in the history book, and every 15 minutes, every day at Disneyworld, an animatronic puppet wearing your face will wave or nod when the spotlight hits it.”
― Neil Gaiman, quote from World's End

“In the manner of one recognizing a line from a familiar poem in a strange book.”
― Neil Gaiman, quote from World's End

“¿Acaso hay alguien en el mundo que no sueñe, que no contenga en su interior mundos no imaginados?”
― Neil Gaiman, quote from World's End

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