5+ quotes from Valiant by Jack Campbell

Quotes from Valiant

Jack Campbell ·  284 pages

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“Sagas wouldn't be interesting if terrible things didn't happen to the people in them.”
― Jack Campbell, quote from Valiant

“Sir, winning is usually a matter of making one less mistake than the enemy or just getting up one more time than you get knocked down.”
― Jack Campbell, quote from Valiant

“You’re not fighting for abstractions. No one does. Humans pay lip service to that, to big causes and great purposes, but any politician of any skill soon learns that what really motivates people is the small, personal things. Close friends, family, the small area they call home. They wrap those things around ideals and call them precious, but they’re precious for the smallest and closest of reasons. Soldiers may swear to fight for their flag, but they really fight because of the soldiers next to them.”
― Jack Campbell, quote from Valiant

“«Si todo parece ir según el plan, intenta encontrar algo que hayas pasado por alto y que podría mandarlo todo al garete».”
― Jack Campbell, quote from Valiant

“the preserver on one side and the destroyer on the other.”
― Jack Campbell, quote from Valiant

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Jack Campbell
Born place: The United States
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