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4+ quotes from Wolfskin by Juliet Marillier

Quotes from Wolfskin

Juliet Marillier ·  544 pages

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“The error was not yours, Somerled," Eyvind said quietly, moving to the doorway. "It was mine. I failed to teach you the one lesson you could not do without: how to be a man.”
― Juliet Marillier, quote from Wolfskin

“Now he understood what it was to be a man: that it was to be weak as well as strong, to be foolish sometimes and wise sometimes, to know love as well as to kill. And he had learned that there were other paths for him, other gods who called in the deep places of the earth, in the lap of wavelets on the shore, in the breath of the wind. He had learned that there were other kinds of courage. He knew, with deep certainty, that the islands held a new path for him. He need only move forward and find it.”
― Juliet Marillier, quote from Wolfskin

“I wonder how it takes you, that moment when everything turns to shadows.”
― Juliet Marillier, quote from Wolfskin

“The god honors the faithful. And who is more true than a man who keeps his oath, though it breaks his heart?”
― Juliet Marillier, quote from Wolfskin

About the author

Juliet Marillier
Born place: in Dunedin, New Zealand
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