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Tamora Pierce ·  344 pages

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“I think it's fair rude to make him a tree and not know what kind he is.”
― Tamora Pierce, quote from Wolf-Speaker

“Now to find Tristan, if he survived the excitement. I hope he did. I have some things to say to him, and none of them are 'Goddess bless'.

-Numair Salmalin”
― Tamora Pierce, quote from Wolf-Speaker

“As I recall, this word's use means somewhere there is a tree that is now a - a two-legger.

-Numair Salmalin”
― Tamora Pierce, quote from Wolf-Speaker

“Cats aren’t special advisers. They advise us all the time, whether we want them to or no.”
― Tamora Pierce, quote from Wolf-Speaker

“They returned to the gallery and circled its rim, then went down a short hall. Scrap's tail twitched angrily when they reached Tristan's door: it was shut. Daine grabbed the knob. It stung her hand, making her yelp. "Kit? This ones magicked. Can you do anything?"

Kitten stood on her hind feet and peered into the lock, then whistled two cheerful notes. Nothing happened. She scowled and whistled again, less cheerfully, more as a demand. Nothing happened.

Daine was trying to decide what to do now when the dragon moved back and croaked. The lock popped from the wood to land at Daine's feet, smoking, and the door swung open. Kitten muttered darkly and kicked the lock mechanism aside as she went in. Daine followed, trying not to laugh.”
― Tamora Pierce, quote from Wolf-Speaker

“Adults and pups alike, they surrounded her in the greeting ceremony, licking her face and wagging their tails. Brokefang let the girl hug him fiercely about the neck and nuzzled her in reply.”
― Tamora Pierce, quote from Wolf-Speaker

“I wish he wouldn’t do this when he’s on me. It’s really very upsetting.”
― Tamora Pierce, quote from Wolf-Speaker

“Daine put a hand on her bow. It was loaded, but she didn't want to kill Maura's sister. "I wouldn't call names, if I was you " she retorted.

Yolane backed up. "Tirell! Oram! Jemis! To me! Oram, on the double!"

Daine shook her head. "Yell all you like, they won't come. They're gone. "

"What do you mean, 'gone'?"

"I mean it's at an end the king knows what you're up to. The rebellion's uncovered. You'll never be queen. ”
― Tamora Pierce, quote from Wolf-Speaker

“Think selfishly,' Daine said, trying to make these arrogant two-leggers see what she meant. 'You can't go on this way. Soon you will have no forests to get wood from or to hunt game in. You poison water you drink and bathe and fish in. Even if you keep the farms, they won't be enough to feed you if the rest of the valley's laid waste. You'll starve. Your people will starve- unless you buy from outside the valley, and that's fair expensive. You'll ruin Dunlath.”
― Tamora Pierce, quote from Wolf-Speaker

“The wolf who sings alone is not happy.”
― Tamora Pierce, quote from Wolf-Speaker

“You come from a race that spends more time murdering your own kind than do all the immortals put together, yet you insist you are better than us.”
― Tamora Pierce, quote from Wolf-Speaker

“The girl looked at the mess she had made, at the ax, the shattered immortal, and the gouts of dark blood all around, and vomited.”
― Tamora Pierce, quote from Wolf-Speaker

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