8+ quotes from Take a Chance on Me by Susan May Warren

Quotes from Take a Chance on Me

Susan May Warren ·  400 pages

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“Take a chance on God. After all, He took a chance on you.”
― Susan May Warren, quote from Take a Chance on Me

“It's an awe-filled, wonderful, terrifying act to have a child, for you suddenly wear your heart on the outside of your body. You risk a little more each day as he wanders from your arms into the world.”
― Susan May Warren, quote from Take a Chance on Me

“I’m not wicked.” “Jensen, you’ve spent three years lying low, trying to make everything right. But you can’t redeem yourself. You can’t make yourself and your life whole again. God can.”
― Susan May Warren, quote from Take a Chance on Me

“I'm safe, even if I'm a jerk."
"I have friends who will hunt you down and kill you if I go missing.”
― Susan May Warren, quote from Take a Chance on Me

“Yeah. She's got this pretty red hair, green eyes, a smile that could knock the wind out of a guy -"
Casper was shaking his head.
"You're right. You don't deserve her. I think you need to introduce her to me."
Derek grinned and reached for him, but Casper danced away.
"You know, I bet she'll take one look at me and forget all about you anyway, Dare."
"You think so."
Casper took off running.
"Yeah, you'd better run, punk!" Derek yelled after him, grinning.
Take a chance.”
― Susan May Warren, quote from Take a Chance on Me

“But here’s an even better truth: God knows you can’t make it right. None of it. But He can. The day I took a good look at my sins—my real sins—was the day I discovered 1 John 1:9. ‘But if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness.”
― Susan May Warren, quote from Take a Chance on Me

“The man had all the warmth, all the friendliness, of a pinecone.”
― Susan May Warren, quote from Take a Chance on Me

“So plan A is a bust. God can make plan B better than plan A ever would have been.” Plan B. Or even plan C.”
― Susan May Warren, quote from Take a Chance on Me

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Susan May Warren
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