Quotes from Wicked Ties

Shayla Black ·  341 pages

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“If you were expecting Prince Charming, I'm sorry. He's with his boyfriend.”
― Shayla Black, quote from Wicked Ties

“Watch that mouth, cher. I own a ball gag. I know how to use it, he growled.”
― Shayla Black, quote from Wicked Ties

“Curiosity could be almost as powerful as desire.”
― Shayla Black, quote from Wicked Ties

“Dominance and submission can be a game or a way of life, depending on how seriously you play...the promise of pleasure can be every bit as arousing as the pleasure itself, maybe more." (Jack)”
― Shayla Black, quote from Wicked Ties

“Watch that mouth, cher. I own a ball gag. I know how to use it,” he growled.”
― Shayla Black, quote from Wicked Ties

“You might have a hundred ways to fool yourself, but I don't bother with that shit. I know better. You're it for me, and what we just did in that bed together proved it. I'm smitten. Gone. And I can't stand that you don't trust me.”
― Shayla Black, quote from Wicked Ties

“With a smile, Jack sheathed himself with a condom from the nightstand, then rolled on top of her, a steamy kiss on his lips as he covered her mouth. A new swell of desire rolled in her belly as Jack probed at her entrance.”
― Shayla Black, quote from Wicked Ties

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