5+ quotes from Warped by Maurissa Guibord

Quotes from Warped

Maurissa Guibord ·  339 pages

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“Every person makes a difference. And the choices we make, the things we do—they matter.” She looked up into Will’s eyes. “And now I do believe in fate. Especially the kind we make ourselves.”
― Maurissa Guibord, quote from Warped

“It's kind of strange...All these so-called myths and fables. Everyone seems to have the same ones. They cross cultures and continents. Everyone has their own versions of unicorns, witches, even the Fates. Now we know why. Because they're real.”
― Maurissa Guibord, quote from Warped

“Something is not right,' Weavyr announced. She crouched lower over one spot in the Wyrd and tugged, redirecting the threads. In the moments that followed, throughout the world, hearts were broken, brilliant careers were launched and dreams were dashed. A volleyball serve also went awry.”
― Maurissa Guibord, quote from Warped

“You know your life is completely screwed up when you have to look up the mythological figures who talk to you in the bathroom mirror.”
― Maurissa Guibord, quote from Warped

“Okay,” she said, looking around. “We had an earthquake. We had an earthquake and a strange guy in weird clothes collapsed in my bedroom.”
― Maurissa Guibord, quote from Warped


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Maurissa Guibord
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