5+ quotes from A Week in Winter by Maeve Binchy

Quotes from A Week in Winter

Maeve Binchy ·  464 pages

Rating: (35.4K votes)

“How will I explain it all … to everybody?” “You know, people don’t have to explain things nearly as much as you think they do.”
― Maeve Binchy, quote from A Week in Winter

“It’s a funny old world. Once you realize that, you’re halfway there.”
― Maeve Binchy, quote from A Week in Winter

“Her life was like her house—a colorful fantasy where anything was possible if you wanted it badly enough.”
― Maeve Binchy, quote from A Week in Winter

“a piper from the area called John Paul. Of course he did. Everyone knew”
― Maeve Binchy, quote from A Week in Winter

“Winnie’s silver-and-black jacket might be too dressy. She wore a”
― Maeve Binchy, quote from A Week in Winter

About the author

Maeve Binchy
Born place: in Dalkey, County Dublin, Ireland
Born date May 28, 1940
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