Quotes from Eleventh Grade Burns

Heather Brewer ·  309 pages

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“...Your angry and jealous and in the mood to do some forceful dentistry”
― Heather Brewer, quote from Eleventh Grade Burns

“Vlad twisted his wrist, pinching his fingers together, spinning the bronze coin on the table. When it fell, he picked it up and did it again, counting. Thirty-two times it had fallen Slayer Society up. Twenty-two times it was down.”
― Heather Brewer, quote from Eleventh Grade Burns

“Let’s go eat turkey before I beat the crap put of my cousin.”
The way he said it, Vlad wasn’t sure if Henry wanted to eat instead of beating Joss to a pulp, or if he just didn’t want to do it on an empty stomach.”
― Heather Brewer, quote from Eleventh Grade Burns

“ Henry hooked his legs on the branch and flipped over gingerly, until he was hanging upside-down, grinning at Vlad. Then Henry's grin slipped. He fell to the ground several feet below with a thump, crying out as his body made impact. Vlad shimmied down the tree as fast as he could. "Henry ! Are you okay?" Henry sat up, clutching his wounded knee. He looked very much like he was going to start crying any second. A small, thin line of blood oozed from the scrape on his knee. Vlad's tiny fangs shot from his gums. Henry's eyes went wide, his injury all but forgotten. "What are those?" Vlad's small shoulders sank. He'd let his dad down. "They're my fangs." "Vlad, are you a vampire or something?" Henry's eyes were big, and Vlad was certain he saw fear in them. Not as much fear as when Henry had been falling from the tree, but close. He took a deep breath, glancing at the house. Then he sat down in front of Henry and said, "Yeah, Henry. I'm a vampire. But it's a secret. A very, very, very big secret and you can't tell anyone ever.”
― Heather Brewer, quote from Eleventh Grade Burns

“So what do we do?"
"We do what all families do. Grin, bear it, and pass the mashed potatoes.”
― Heather Brewer, quote from Eleventh Grade Burns

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Heather Brewer
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