22+ quotes from Waking Up Married by Mira Lyn Kelly

Quotes from Waking Up Married

Mira Lyn Kelly ·  251 pages

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“Life is'nt about getting everything you want the instant you want it.Some thing are worth waiting for.”
― Mira Lyn Kelly, quote from Waking Up Married

“All the vital components that make a relationship successful, without any of the emotional messiness to drag it down. It's about respect, caring, and commitment. Shared goals and compatible priorities. It's about treating marriage like a partnership instead of some romantic fantasy. It's about two people liking each other.”
― Mira Lyn Kelly, quote from Waking Up Married

“And then he gave her a kiss that was meant to be the first of its kind, but tasted so familiar there was no denying those undercurrents of love had been there all that time... just waiting to be recognized.”
― Mira Lyn Kelly, quote from Waking Up Married

“Conner looking at the text he sent Jeff the night before:

8:42pm..Reed:Need you to go to Denver w me.
8:46pm..Jeff: in meeting. give me 1 hr.
8:53pm..Reed: no can do. want wife back. going now. think i cn talk her into it wth sperm.

Hell.Please don't let him have called her.

8:53pm..Jeff: R U drinking?
8:55pm..Reed: have wht she wants. solllid plan. better than hers.
8:56pm..Jeff: leaving now. wait 4 me.
9:02pm..Reed: don't worry botu it.
9:02pm..Jeff: WAIT 4 ME.
9:04pm..Jeff: PICKUP YOU PHONE
9:57pm..Jeff: you should stop for drink @ that bar in terminal with the big olives b4 flight.
10:22pm..Reed: hey, UR at the bar. you look pissed.”
― Mira Lyn Kelly, quote from Waking Up Married

“You can believe I took you to be my wife. To honor, respect and protect, for all the days of our life.”
― Mira Lyn Kelly, quote from Waking Up Married

“Jeff shook his head, the lines between his brows drawing together. “Ask yourself this, Connor— what is it that’s got your manties in such a twist? I mean, really... what is it about Megan you don’t want to lose?”
― Mira Lyn Kelly, quote from Waking Up Married

“There's a significant social element in my business, and I want a wife who can help balance the conversation. Playing hostess and accompanying me as needed for whatever reason comes up. Dinners, parties, charitable events. No more than a couple times a week. Also, our children - as many as you'd like - come first. They need to be your number one priority. And lastly it means respecting both me and our marriage vows.
She understood. "Fidelity."
― Mira Lyn Kelly, quote from Waking Up Married

“What he wanted was Megan wanting him... but not needing him. Not vulnerable to him. Sure as help not trying to leave him over and over again... and simply failing.”
― Mira Lyn Kelly, quote from Waking Up Married

“marriage is an arrangement between like-minded parties. It’s a partnership, not a love affair. I never lied to you or kept anything of importance from you.”She looked at him then, almost stunned, as if she didn’t recognize him.

He didn’t like it. Not at all.”
― Mira Lyn Kelly, quote from Waking Up Married

“A person couldn't make something last if it wasn't meant to, like a person couldn't be someone they weren't. And trying only prolonged the inevitable.”
― Mira Lyn Kelly, quote from Waking Up Married

“Because—truth?—on the scale of significance, that stuff doesn’t even register.

What has me pushed past the boiling point...what has me really, really upset is learning the woman I thought was so incredibly strong I married her on the spot...is actually
a quitter who runs from challenge,
a coward too afraid to even try,
a liar who makes promises she won’t keep and
a cynic too bitter to believe what’s right in front of her face. Is that real enough for you?”
― Mira Lyn Kelly, quote from Waking Up Married

“Upturned face.
Parted lips.
The good-night kiss he couldn’t leave without.

Only, Megan’s lips were stiff and unyielding. She didn’t pull away. It might almost have been better if she had. Instead, she’d allowed the kiss to occur, taking it with the same cool detachment offered in her words.”
― Mira Lyn Kelly, quote from Waking Up Married

“You're such a prude. It's pathetic."
"What I am is too much of a lady to say what you are.”
― Mira Lyn Kelly, quote from Waking Up Married

“So incredibly special the only detail of the entire consummation she remembered was the soft rub of fabric between her thighs, the heady weight of him above her and her intense frustration in getting her toe caught in his belt loop while trying to wrestle his tie loose.”
― Mira Lyn Kelly, quote from Waking Up Married

“Rubbing a hand over the back of his neck, Connor gave his blanching bride a not-so-subtle once-over.”
― Mira Lyn Kelly, quote from Waking Up Married

“We’re good together, Megan. It’s not about glass slippers or fairy tales or love at any sight. It’s not about private schools or mutual goals or any of the other things we’ve talked about today. It’s about you and me fitting together. It’s about this feeling of rightness you told me about last night. The one I’ve had since I met you. And I keep seeing signs of it today. Tell me. Tell me you feel it too.”
― Mira Lyn Kelly, quote from Waking Up Married

“much to read. “There isn’t...” she groaned. “I’ve been on empty for a few rounds already. This...is just my stomach making a point...I think.”
― Mira Lyn Kelly, quote from Waking Up Married

“body moving in close enough to shield her from prying eyes. “We’ll talk at home.”
― Mira Lyn Kelly, quote from Waking Up Married

“Connor felt the burn of anger mingling with his guilt. He knew Caroline had been hurt, and he was truly sorry for it. If the barbs she was throwing had been directed at him alone, he would have taken them. But they weren’t. “Caro,” he said, lowering his voice as he leaned closer”
― Mira Lyn Kelly, quote from Waking Up Married

“dead, business establishments, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This edition published by arrangement with Harlequin Books S.A. ® and ™ are trademarks of the publisher. Trademarks indicated with ® are registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the Canadian Trade Marks Office and in other countries.”
― Mira Lyn Kelly, quote from Waking Up Married

“Limbs that weren’t quite working. Suddenly she was going right back down until two strong hands gripped her beneath her”
― Mira Lyn Kelly, quote from Waking Up Married

“Always,’ said Evie and Max together. Points for harmony. In truth, in the six years she’d known him, Max had barely mentioned his mother other than to say she’d never been the maternal type and that she set exceptionally high standards for everything; be it a manicure or the behaviour of her husbands or her sons. ‘No engagement ring?’ queried Caroline with the lift of an elegant eyebrow. ‘Ah, no,’ said Evie. ‘Not yet. There was so much choice I, ah...couldn’t decide.’ ‘Indeed,’ said Caroline, before turning to Max. ‘I can, of course, make an appointment for you with my jeweller this afternoon. I’m sure he’ll have something more than suitable. That way Evie will have a ring on her finger when she attends the cocktail party I’m hosting for the pair of you tonight.’ ‘You didn’t have to fuss,’ said Max as he set their overnight cases just inside the door beside a wide staircase. ‘Introducing my soon-to-be daughter-in-law to family and friends is not fuss,’ said Max’s mother reprovingly. ‘It’s expected, and so is a ring. Your brother’s here, by the way.’ ‘You summoned him home as well?’ ‘He came of his own accord,’ she said dryly. ‘No one makes your brother do anything.’ ‘He’s my role model,’ whispered Max as they followed the doyenne of the house down the hall. ‘I need a cocktail dress,’ Evie whispered back. ‘Get it when I go ring hunting. What kind of stone do you want?’ ‘Diamond.’ ‘Colour?’ ‘White.’ ‘An excellent choice,’ said Caroline from up ahead and Max grinned ruefully. ‘Ears like a bat,’ he said in his normal deep baritone. ‘Whisper like a foghorn,’ his mother cut back, and surprised Evie by following up with a deliciously warm chuckle. The house was a beauty. Twenty-foot ceilings and a modern renovation that complemented the building’s Victorian bones. The wood glowed with beeswax shine and the air carried the scent of old-English roses. ‘Did you do the renovation?’ asked Evie and her dutiful fiancé nodded. ‘My first project after graduating.’ ‘Nice work,’ she said as Caroline ushered them into a large sitting room that fed seamlessly through to a wide, paved garden patio.”
― Mira Lyn Kelly, quote from Waking Up Married

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