Quotes from Vessel

Sarah Beth Durst ·  424 pages

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“Imagine that it's sugar," Korbyn said. 'You're riding across candy.'

"Salt can never be sugar," Fennik said.

"We should talk about the definition of the word 'imagine'.”
― Sarah Beth Durst, quote from Vessel

“That's brilliant."
"I thought so. But I'm glad you agree. It will make this journey much more pleasant if you are impressed with my brilliance.”
― Sarah Beth Durst, quote from Vessel

“Impressive vocabulary," Korbyn said. "I feel as though I should take notes."
"I think she's making them up," Liyana said. "Half of them are not anatomically possible.”
― Sarah Beth Durst, quote from Vessel

“You do realize that you are addressing the emperor of the Crescent Empire."
"And you are addressing a free woman of the desert. You are not my emperor. Therefore, I am your equal.”
― Sarah Beth Durst, quote from Vessel

“Bayla, is this how you'd kill me?" she asked out loud. There are easier ways. You could send another snake. I am sorry I ate the first one." Hearing her own voice made her feel braver. "He was delicious, though”
― Sarah Beth Durst, quote from Vessel

“Fennik growled. "You mock me."
Korbyn's face was innocent, like Jidali's after he sneaked a cookie from Aunt Sabisa. "I would never mock such an illustrious personage," Korbyn said.”
― Sarah Beth Durst, quote from Vessel

“You do not say no to the girl with the deities.”
― Sarah Beth Durst, quote from Vessel

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