Quotes from Treasures of the Snow

Patricia St. John ·  232 pages

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“Your skill can never buy you love. It may win you admiration and envy, but never love. If that was what you were after, you have wasted your time.”
― Patricia St. John, quote from Treasures of the Snow

“God is love, and when we pray we are drawing near to love, and all our hatred must melt away like the snow melts when the sun shines on it in spring. Leave Lucien to God, Annette. He rewards both good and evil, but remember, He loves Lucien just the same as He loves Dani.”
― Patricia St. John, quote from Treasures of the Snow

“It is hard work to win back love. But don’t give up. Those who persevere find more happiness in earning love than they do in gaining it.”
― Patricia St. John, quote from Treasures of the Snow

“Children who are not loved themselves often find it difficult to love others.”
― Patricia St. John, quote from Treasures of the Snow

“mean that if you spend your time putting the love of your heart into what you do for those who are not your friends, you may often be disappointed and discouraged. But if you keep on trying you will find your happiness in loving, whether you are loved back or not.”
― Patricia St. John, quote from Treasures of the Snow

“Perfect love. It means love that goes on doing until there isn’t any more to be done, and that goes on suffering until it can’t suffer any more. That’s why, when Jesus hung on the cross, He said, ‘It is finished.’ There wasn’t one sin left that couldn’t be forgiven, not one sinner who couldn’t be saved, because He had died. He had loved perfectly.”
― Patricia St. John, quote from Treasures of the Snow

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Patricia St. John
Born place: Southampton, England, The United Kingdom
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