Quotes from Touch Me

T.H. Snyder ·  282 pages

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“Once she tells me she wants me here I know this is where I will stay.” ~ Riley”
― T.H. Snyder, quote from Touch Me

“The feel of his mouth on mine and the smell of his minty breath has me breathing heavy.” ~ Char”
― T.H. Snyder, quote from Touch Me

“I know he brings out a better side in me, something that has been missing.” ~ Char”
― T.H. Snyder, quote from Touch Me

“Char is beautiful, smart, funny, and I love the way our bodies communicate with one another. It’s as if she was made for me.” ~ Riley”
― T.H. Snyder, quote from Touch Me

“Char that is all I can ask, just give this a chance. Give us a chance and I will do whatever I can to make you happy.”
― T.H. Snyder, quote from Touch Me

About the author

T.H. Snyder
Born place: in Allentown, The United States
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