8+ quotes from Three Souls by Janie Chang

Quotes from Three Souls

Janie Chang ·  439 pages

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“That’s the trouble when you’re young, my hun soul says. You think you have all the time in the world. You think the world will wait until you’re ready.”
― Janie Chang, quote from Three Souls

“He enjoys reading film magazines."
Gaoyin pursed her lips. In our family, that made Tienzhen practically illiterate.”
― Janie Chang, quote from Three Souls

“We can't control other's fates, we can barely manage our own. But we can hope for tomorrow. Tomorrow we can hope for rebirth.”
― Janie Chang, quote from Three Souls

“Not the stout balding man. Not a Nikolai. A Vronsky.”
― Janie Chang, quote from Three Souls

“He gave no reason, but in families such as ours, when it comes to shame, it's possible to gauge with exquisite precision its depth and degree by the surrounding silence. In Sueyin's case, the silence was absolute, her disgrace unredeemable.”
― Janie Chang, quote from Three Souls

“Now that I'm dead, why bother feeling ashamed? Yes, I admit to lust.”
― Janie Chang, quote from Three Souls

“Why is Anna Karenina considered such a great novel? It's all about adultery and the unhappiness it causes, nothing unusual in novels, surely."
"The novel's about family relationships, class, and social change.”
― Janie Chang, quote from Three Souls

“a woman’s true value is measured by the size of her dowry.”
― Janie Chang, quote from Three Souls


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Janie Chang
Born place: Taiwan
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