5+ quotes from The Worthing Saga by Orson Scott Card

Quotes from The Worthing Saga

Orson Scott Card ·  463 pages

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“If there were no goodness in people, mankind would still be confined to loping across a Savannah somewhere on Earth, watching the elephants rule, or some other more compassionate species.”
― Orson Scott Card, quote from The Worthing Saga

“I cut the wood however I like, but it's the grain that decides the strength and shape of it. You can add and subtract memories from people, but it isn't just your memory that makes you who you are. There's something in the grain of the mind.”
― Orson Scott Card, quote from The Worthing Saga

“The devil?” Jason heaved the tick over his shoulder like a collier with his sack. “Satan. The adversary. The enemy of the plan of God. The undoer. The destroyer. Yes. He definitely was.” Jason smiled. “But he meant well.”
― Orson Scott Card, quote from The Worthing Saga

“«Linkeree does what he likes. He likes to be alone and think his own thoughts. No one is hurt by it.» Sara said, «Jason said that we are one people. Linkeree is saying he does not want to be part of us, and if he is not part of us then we are all less than we were.» They were both very wise. It would be so much easier for Kapock if they had only agreed with each other.”
― Orson Scott Card, quote from The Worthing Saga

“There is nothing so stupid or dangerous or painful that people won’t eagerly do it, if by doing it they will make others believe they are better or stronger or more honorable. I have seen people poison themselves, destroy their children, abandon their mates, cut themselves off from the world, all so that others would think they were a better sort of person.”
― Orson Scott Card, quote from The Worthing Saga

About the author

Orson Scott Card
Born place: in Richland, Washington, The United States
Born date August 24, 1951
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