5+ quotes from Wicked Gentlemen by Ginn Hale

Quotes from Wicked Gentlemen

Ginn Hale ·  224 pages

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“I'm so glad to be grouped with the men you've seen in rotten shape. My hope is that someday I will reach the pinnacle of that appalling list.”
― Ginn Hale, quote from Wicked Gentlemen

“Tell me." Edward had to raise his voice a little. "Do you live by the principle that what people don't know can't hurt them?"
"No," Harper replied. "What people don't know can't hurt me.”
― Ginn Hale, quote from Wicked Gentlemen

“It was a lazy community of mutual disinterest and alcohol.”
― Ginn Hale, quote from Wicked Gentlemen

“No." Belimai reached out and touched Harper's shoulder. "I only said it to hurt you. I wanted to make you feel as bad as I did." Belimai smiled. "It's my own little way of sharing what I have with you. Aren't you lucky?”
― Ginn Hale, quote from Wicked Gentlemen

“Years ago when he had been at college, Edward had shown him how to change sheets from under a sleeping man. Harper had spent a few weeks after that stealing the sheets from under his fellow seminary students.”
― Ginn Hale, quote from Wicked Gentlemen

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