9+ quotes from Fated by S.H. Kolee

Quotes from Fated

S.H. Kolee ·  248 pages

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“People in love always tried to match the singles together, but what they didn't realize was that some people were meant to be alone. There was nothing wrong with that.”
― S.H. Kolee, quote from Fated

“...I was more than just the sum of my experiences, and I had the ability to become an active participant in life instead of just standing on the sidelines.”
― S.H. Kolee, quote from Fated

“It was worth saving up all my luck until now, because it means I get to spend the rest of my life with you.”
― S.H. Kolee, quote from Fated

“Getting out of bed in the morning was a small triumph, and making it through the day without breaking down was an accomplishment.”
― S.H. Kolee, quote from Fated

“I was messed up when it came to relationships, not happy with what I told myself I wanted, yet unwilling to take the risk for more.”
― S.H. Kolee, quote from Fated

“I’m afraid I’ll never get over him. I’m afraid that I’ll spend the rest of my life wanting someone I can’t have. I have to get over him. I need to get over him.”
― S.H. Kolee, quote from Fated

“In my heart, I knew that only the lucky found that sort of happiness. And I had always run short on luck.”
― S.H. Kolee, quote from Fated

“If there's one thing I was horrible at, it was small talk.”
― S.H. Kolee, quote from Fated

“Photography can be an intimate experience between the photographer and his subject. But there are so many ways to express the connection without a camera in the way.”
― S.H. Kolee, quote from Fated

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