Quotes from The Poetry and Short Stories of Dorothy Parker (Modern Library)

Dorothy Parker ·  457 pages

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“Lips that taste of tears, they say,
Are the best for kissing.”
― Dorothy Parker, quote from The Poetry and Short Stories of Dorothy Parker (Modern Library)

“Oh, it's so easy to be sweet to people before you love them.”
― Dorothy Parker, quote from The Poetry and Short Stories of Dorothy Parker (Modern Library)

“When asked by her publisher why her work had not been submitted while on her honeymoon: "I've been too fucking busy or vice versa”
― Dorothy Parker, quote from The Poetry and Short Stories of Dorothy Parker (Modern Library)

“Every love's the love before
In a duller dress.”
― Dorothy Parker, quote from The Poetry and Short Stories of Dorothy Parker (Modern Library)

About the author

Dorothy Parker
Born place: in Long Branch, New Jersey, The United States
Born date August 22, 1893
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“Are you well? You look a trifle peaked.'
'If I do, it is because black doesn't become me. I mean to lighten my mourning, and have ordered a charming gray gown.'
'You are mistaken.'
'What, in going into half-mourning?'
'No, in thinking black does not become you.”
― Georgette Heyer, quote from Bath Tangle

“You think they’ve killed before?”
“I’d bet your ass on it.”
“Why my ass?” Eyes slitted, Peabody jabbed a finger in the air. “Because it’s bigger? Because it has more padding? That’s hitting below the belt.”
“Your ass is below your belt. I’d bet mine, too, if it makes you feel better.”
“Let’s bet Roarke’s ass, because really, in my opinion, of the three of us his is the best.”
“Fine. We’ll bet all the asses on it. They’ve killed before. Together most likely, impulse, accident, deliberately—that I don’t know yet. But I’d bet Mira’s shrink’s ass that the kill is what turned this corner for them. That, and getting away with it.”
“Mira has a really nice ass.”
“I’m sure she’d be thrilled to know you think so.”
“Jeez, don’t tell her I said that.” Peabody’s wince included a defensive hunch of shoulders. “I was just following the theme.”
― J.D. Robb, quote from Indulgence in Death

“When she cried, he would say, "there is nothing wrong with crying. Your feelings tell you who are. They tell what is important. Don't ever be ashamed of them.”
― Terry Brooks, quote from Armageddon's Children

“She turned to her boyfriend. He still looked so tired, and concern for him flooded her. She wanted him out of this. He hadn’t fully recovered his strength yet. “I’m going with Trey. I want you to stay with the Roes.”
“Oh, so it’s okay for me to die?” Trey cracked. “I'm touched. Really.”

Young, Samantha (2012-06-19). Borrowed Ember (Fire Spirits Book 3) (Kindle Locations 5819-5824). . Kindle Edition.”
― Samantha Young, quote from Borrowed Ember

“In certain matters, some sailors even in mature life remain unsophisticated enough. But a young seafarer of the disposition of our athletic foretopman is much of a child-man. And yet a child’s utter innocence is but its blank ignorance, and the innocence more or less wanes as intelligence waxes. But in Billy Budd intelligence, such as it was, had advanced while yet his simplemindedness remained for the most part unaffected.”
― Herman Melville, quote from Billy Budd and Other Stories

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