Quotes from The Nightlife: Las Vegas

Travis Luedke ·  205 pages

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“She began to realize some decisions cannot be undone no matter how hard you try.”
― Travis Luedke, quote from The Nightlife: Las Vegas

“Ana was a perpetual victim in a never-ending search for a victimizer.”
― Travis Luedke, quote from The Nightlife: Las Vegas

“She exuded sexuality almost tangible, like ink obscuring the waters around the octopus before it strikes.”
― Travis Luedke, quote from The Nightlife: Las Vegas

“They were two people staring at each other knowingly, communicating psychically amidst an ocean of deaf, dumb and blind meatsacks.”
― Travis Luedke, quote from The Nightlife: Las Vegas

“Ana never saw the rotten apples littering the ground as she continually reached for the rare golden apple on the tree. Ana had stepped in a lot of rotten apples in her lifetime. She should have learned by now.”
― Travis Luedke, quote from The Nightlife: Las Vegas

“A strikingly beautiful shit-storm of trouble––Ana attracted trouble like no one else.”
― Travis Luedke, quote from The Nightlife: Las Vegas

“He knew that if Michelle entered into the walls of the Vatican, she’d corrupt every single clergyman within, causing them to forsake their vows in trade for a few moments with her. With one glance men would happily follow her to the bowels of hell and swim across the lake of fire to get to her.”
― Travis Luedke, quote from The Nightlife: Las Vegas

About the author

Travis Luedke
Born place: in Concord, The United States
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