Quotes from The Inspector General

Nikolai Gogol ·  80 pages

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“It is no use to blame the looking glass if your face is awry.”
― Nikolai Gogol, quote from The Inspector General

“What are you laughing at? You are laughing at yourself.”
― Nikolai Gogol, quote from The Inspector General

“GOVERNOR. And then I must call your attention to the history teacher. He has a lot of learning in his head and a store of facts. That's evident. But he lectures with such ardor that he quite forgets himself. Once I listened to him. As long as he was talking about the Assyrians and Babylonians, it was not so bad. But when he reached Alexander of Macedon, I can't describe what came over him. Upon my word, I thought a fire had broken out. He jumped down from the platform, picked up a chair and dashed it to the floor. Alexander of Macedon was a hero, it is true. But that's no reason for breaking chairs. The state must bear the cost.”
― Nikolai Gogol, quote from The Inspector General

“The more debris there is the more it will show the governor's activity.”
― Nikolai Gogol, quote from The Inspector General

“You can always tell a pig by its grunt.”
― Nikolai Gogol, quote from The Inspector General

Lo mismo debo hacerle notar con respecto al maestro de historia. Es un sabio (eso es evidente, sabe mucho), pero se expresa con tanta vehemencia, que se olvida de todo. Días pasados lo estuve escuchando. Mientras hablaba de los asirios y los babilonios, todo iba bien, pero cuando llegó a Alejandro el Grande lo que pasó no tiene nombre. ¡Creí que se había incendiado el aula, se lo juro! ¡Bajó corriendo de la tarima y empezó a golpear furiosamente el suelo con la silla! Claro está que Alejandro el Grande es un héroe, pero... ¿a qué romper las sillas? Eso perjudica al fisco.

Luká Lúkich:
¡Sí, es muy vehemente! Ya se lo he hecho notar varias veces... Y me contestó: «¿Qué quiere que haga? ¡Yo daría la vida por la ciencia!»”
― Nikolai Gogol, quote from The Inspector General

About the author

Nikolai Gogol
Born place: in Sorochyntsi, Poltava guberniya, Ukraine
Born date March 31, 1809
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