17+ quotes from Brother's Keeper by Elizabeth Finn

Quotes from Brother's Keeper

Elizabeth Finn ·  214 pages

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“You don’t owe me forever right now, but God, I hope you’ll give it to me willingly some day.”
― Elizabeth Finn, quote from Brother's Keeper

“I whisper every word she needs to hear and I need to say. I tell her how beautiful she is. I tell her she amazes me. I make sure she knows she is the most precious person in the world to me. I make sure she understands what losing her means to me and how impossible it is to imagine my life without her.”
― Elizabeth Finn, quote from Brother's Keeper

“I want him to reach out to me, but I know he can't. He can't for all the same reasons I can't. It hurts too much. It's like an alcoholic taking a sip of wine; the pleasure of the indulgence would be immediate and swift, but the aftermath would be devastating.”
― Elizabeth Finn, quote from Brother's Keeper

“She told me once that when she was with me she felt like the beautiful woman she never thought she'd be. I can't imagine what could ever make her think she wasn't beautiful enough to anyone, least of all me. She's the beautiful one. The most beautiful one in the world to me.”
― Elizabeth Finn, quote from Brother's Keeper

“There is no denying I’m once again complete in her presence. This is my place. I belong to her and my place is by her side. And the absoluteness of that statement is profound, and it begs to rewrite my life.”
― Elizabeth Finn, quote from Brother's Keeper

“I just… can’t be apart from you.”
― Elizabeth Finn, quote from Brother's Keeper

“You deserve a man who will take you and keep you, not a man who will have you and leave you. I can’t be the man who does that to you.”
― Elizabeth Finn, quote from Brother's Keeper

“She’s beautiful—broken and battered, still the most beautiful woman in the world to me—the only woman in the world for me.”
― Elizabeth Finn, quote from Brother's Keeper

“Is the bed comfortable?” Please say no. Just give me any reason to get you in my bed.”
― Elizabeth Finn, quote from Brother's Keeper

“But every night I end up fighting my despair the second I lay my head on my pillow. It is then I miss her the most -- when my brain stops moving for the day and the memories of her are allowed to flood my mind, causing agonizing grief.”
― Elizabeth Finn, quote from Brother's Keeper

“I wanted nothing more than for her to feel me – my desire for her, the pleasure I could give her, my obsession for her.”
― Elizabeth Finn, quote from Brother's Keeper

“Be happy and well and forget me fast.”
― Elizabeth Finn, quote from Brother's Keeper

“I don’t care if nobody else thinks I’m beautiful, because in this moment, I know Logan does. Eat your heart out Amy’s of the world…”
― Elizabeth Finn, quote from Brother's Keeper

“Thought about sleeping in my bed, but decided I'd rather be in yours. Hope you don't mind...Have a great week."
"So long as you leave your pajamas in your own room. They have no place in mine. Sleep tight.”
― Elizabeth Finn, quote from Brother's Keeper

“I blush as that word pops into my mind again, "relationship." Is this what a relationship feels like, I wonder -- close, comfortable, warm, safe, thrilling, erotic, and smelling deliciously of pancakes...”
― Elizabeth Finn, quote from Brother's Keeper

“I've made love to her -- finally and wholly, I've had her in every way I've wanted and needed. And I want more. I want to own her, and the idea she will someday share this with someone other than me is hard to swallow.”
― Elizabeth Finn, quote from Brother's Keeper

“She’s not ready for forever… even if I am. And I am. I would seal my future with her for the rest of my life if I could. My need for her is that strong. Or is it my love for her that is so strong?”
― Elizabeth Finn, quote from Brother's Keeper


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