Quotes from The Heaven Tree Trilogy

Edith Pargeter ·  899 pages

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“Learn humility, while there's yet time--': those were the last of the abbot's words he had waited to hear. All very well, he thought, to be humble in accepting one's own pain and deprivation, perhaps, but what right have I, what right has he, to make a virtue of meekness when it will be Adam who suffers? I call that cheap humility.”
― Edith Pargeter, quote from The Heaven Tree Trilogy

“Should I come to you, Father, with anything that made me ashamed? What do I matter? What's honour to me? My honour is to keep her from harm and from grief. I have no other; I want none.”
― Edith Pargeter, quote from The Heaven Tree Trilogy

“Love with her would be a field of action, not a need. She was complete whether she won or lost the world. She was her own fortress and her own sanctuary.”
― Edith Pargeter, quote from The Heaven Tree Trilogy

“The dispensations of God are always just,' he said. 'We get the sons we deserve.”
― Edith Pargeter, quote from The Heaven Tree Trilogy

“Have you no errand I can do for you in hell?' he said. 'There's cleaner company there.”
― Edith Pargeter, quote from The Heaven Tree Trilogy

“He could not be a breaker, it was against his bent.”
― Edith Pargeter, quote from The Heaven Tree Trilogy

About the author

Edith Pargeter
Born place: in Horsehay, Shropshire, The United Kingdom
Born date September 29, 1913
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