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19+ quotes from The Hard Way by Lee Child

Quotes from The Hard Way

Lee Child ·  371 pages

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“You think you've been in deep shit before, and then you realise you have absolutely no conception of how deep shit can really be.”
― Lee Child, quote from The Hard Way

“Do you see anything Wrong with my teeth?"
"Plenty, I'm surprised you can eat. Maybe that's why your're so little”
― Lee Child, quote from The Hard Way

“Special Forces guys were usually small. They were usually lean, fast, and whippy. Built for endurance and stamina and full of smarts and cunning. Like foxes, not like bears.”
― Lee Child, quote from The Hard Way

“I’m not much to talk about. What you see is what you get.”
― Lee Child, quote from The Hard Way

“He believed that anything could be reverse-engineered. If one human or group of humans put something together, then another human or group of humans could take it apart again. It was a basic principle. All that was required was empathy and thought and imagination. And he liked pressure. He liked deadlines. He liked a short and finite time to crack a problem. He liked a quiet space to work in. And he liked a similar mind to work with.”
― Lee Child, quote from The Hard Way

“It helped a lonely man feel connected and isolated both at the same time.”
― Lee Child, quote from The Hard Way

“Jack Reacher ordered espresso, double, no peel, no cube, foam cup, no china, and before it arrived at his table he saw a man’s life change forever.”
― Lee Child, quote from The Hard Way

“A soldier knows that a satisfactory observation point provides an unobstructed view to the front and adequate security to the flanks and the rear. He knows it provides protection from the elements and concealment of the observers. He knows it offers a reasonable likelihood of undisturbed occupation for the full duration of the operation.”
― Lee Child, quote from The Hard Way

“Reacher liked New York more than most places. He liked the casual indifference of it all and the frantic hustle and the total anonymity.”
― Lee Child, quote from The Hard Way

“His shoes were bench-made by a company called Cheaney, from Northampton in England. Smarter buys than Church’s, which were basically the same shoes but with a premium tag for the name. The style Reacher had chosen was called Tenterden, which was a brown semi-brogue made of heavy pebbled leather.”
― Lee Child, quote from The Hard Way

“He liked the electric darkness and the hot dirty air and the blasts of noise and traffic and the manic barking sirens and the crush of people. It helped a lonely man feel connected and isolated both at the same time.”
― Lee Child, quote from The Hard Way

“the only way to keep fear and panic at bay was to concentrate ruthlessly on the job at hand.”
― Lee Child, quote from The Hard Way

“You try that shit and i'll bend you over and i'll use Addison's head to hammer Perez up your ass like a nail”
― Lee Child, quote from The Hard Way

“Text messaging,” Pauling said. “What’s that?” “You can send written words by cell phone.” “When did that start?” “Years ago.” “OK,” Reacher said. “Live and learn.”
― Lee Child, quote from The Hard Way

“Audibility decays according to the inverse square law. Twice the distance, the sound gets four times as quiet. Four times the distance, sixteen times as quiet.”
― Lee Child, quote from The Hard Way

“No reason to look for complications. You hear hoof beats, you look for horses, not zebras.”
― Lee Child, quote from The Hard Way

“No,” Burke said. “Thank God.” So”
― Lee Child, quote from The Hard Way

“Reacher always arranged the smallest details in his life so he could move on at a split second’s notice. It was an obsessive habit. He owned nothing and carried nothing. Physically he was a big man, but he cast a small shadow and left very little in his wake.”
― Lee Child, quote from The Hard Way

“Drivers hit their horns in anticipation of potential fractional delays.”
― Lee Child, quote from The Hard Way

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