Quotes from The Book of Night with Moon

Diane Duane ·  464 pages

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“Sometimes we do not hear the Whisperer even at her loudest because she speaks in our own voice, the one we most often discount.”
― Diane Duane, quote from The Book of Night with Moon

“A legend can just as well be founded in the future as in the past."
"It's called a 'prophecy,'" Urruah said. "You may have heard of the concept.”
― Diane Duane, quote from The Book of Night with Moon

“There's no way that can be the river," Rhiow said.
"Rhi, the ceiling of Grand Central--" Saash said.
"It's backward," Rhiow snapped, "thank you very much, I know all about it."
"Is it?" Saash said. "Which direction are you coming at it from?"
Rhiow closed her mouth and thought about that.”
― Diane Duane, quote from The Book of Night with Moon

“We’re killing lots of dinosaurs though. The trains are helping.”
“The TRAINS are—“
“Only one derailed so far,” Urruah said cheerfully.”
― Diane Duane, quote from The Book of Night with Moon

“I will meet the cruel and the cowardly today, she thought, liars and the envious, the uncaring and unknowing: they will be all around. But their numbers and their carelessness do not mean I have to be like them. For my own part, I know my job; my commissions comes from Those Who Are.”
― Diane Duane, quote from The Book of Night with Moon

About the author

Diane Duane
Born place: in New York, The United States
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