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8+ quotes from The Fourth Hand by John Irving

Quotes from The Fourth Hand

John Irving ·  368 pages

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“Lemties neįmanoma įžvelgti, nebent jei sapnuoji ar esi apsvaigęs iš meilės.”
― John Irving, quote from The Fourth Hand

“Aren’t eccentricities fairly common among overachievers.”
― John Irving, quote from The Fourth Hand

“As for Dr. Zajac’s modest contribution to the ongoing pollution of the Charles River… well, let’s be fair… In his hopelessly old-fashioned opinion, a lot worse than dogshit was dumped into the Charles on daily basis.”
― John Irving, quote from The Fourth Hand

“And feeling like a failed sexual predator, because of pregnant Mary…”
― John Irving, quote from The Fourth Hand

“Americans are suckers for an English accent.”
― John Irving, quote from The Fourth Hand

“When they weren’t praying, they did what schoolgirls everywhere do. They laughed, they shrieked, they burst into hysterical sobs – all for no apparent reason…

The schoolgirls also played the worst Western music imaginable, and they took a surfeit of baths – so many baths that the traditional inn where Wallingford and Evelyn Arbuthnot stayed was repeatedly running out of hot water.”
― John Irving, quote from The Fourth Hand

“There is often a defining experience that marks any significant change in the course of a person’s life.”
― John Irving, quote from The Fourth Hand

“Was he nice? He didn’t know. He hoped he was, but how many of us truly know?”
― John Irving, quote from The Fourth Hand

About the author

John Irving
Born place: in Exeter, New Hampshire, The United States
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