Quotes from The Fairest Beauty

Melanie Dickerson ·  323 pages

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“Let Valten go save his own damsel in distress. I'm sure there are other maidens he can fall in love with.”
― Melanie Dickerson, quote from The Fairest Beauty

“Valten always did say you were the luckiest boy alive.”
― Melanie Dickerson, quote from The Fairest Beauty

“She did not want wealth or fame or power, but simply to be loved, to be cherished, to feel safe, cared for, and protected. She wanted someone to be kind to her and love her.”
― Melanie Dickerson, quote from The Fairest Beauty

“When he tore his eyes from the piece of parchment, his gaze went straight to Sophie, a strange look on his face. He tossed the letter over his shoulder, strode across the room toward her, his eyes alight with triumph. He grabbed Sophie around the waist, tilted her backward, and kissed her passionately on the lips. Finding herself off balance, Sophie held onto his shoulders. Her heart soared at his sudden display of affection.”
― Melanie Dickerson, quote from The Fairest Beauty

“Once or twice she’d looked back at him and seen such a look of compassion in his brown eyes it had made her heart flop around like a fish on dry land.”
― Melanie Dickerson, quote from The Fairest Beauty

“Men were such strange creatures. Perhaps getting shot at and defending a woman against wild animals and evil archers truly was his idea of enjoyment.”
― Melanie Dickerson, quote from The Fairest Beauty

“Sophie lay down next to him, the crossbow beside her. “Planning to use that?” “Only if we’re threatened.” She had a plucky, defiant look on her face that made respect well up inside him. “Do you know how?” he goaded her. “Yes, I do.”
― Melanie Dickerson, quote from The Fairest Beauty

“Before Sophie could say anything, Gabe dipped her backward and kissed her again. And she kissed him back.”
― Melanie Dickerson, quote from The Fairest Beauty

“Gabe tried to force himself to listen to and comprehend the priest’s words, but it was difficult, as Sophie’s beauty kept distracting him.”
― Melanie Dickerson, quote from The Fairest Beauty

“He moved close to her. “Do you think I still have a fever?” He hoped she would press her soft hand to his forehead. “I’m sure your fever must be gone” — she gave him a saucy smirk, seeing right through him — “or Bartel never would have let you come downstairs.” “Bartel doesn’t know.” He smirked right back, leaning dangerously close.”
― Melanie Dickerson, quote from The Fairest Beauty

“She didn’t realize how beguiling she was in her innocent gestures.”
― Melanie Dickerson, quote from The Fairest Beauty

“Gabe prayed for the strength not to strangle his future father-in-law for the fiftieth time.”
― Melanie Dickerson, quote from The Fairest Beauty

“I will never leave you again,” he said softly against her ear. “I will follow you around like a lost puppy if you let me. I love you, Sophie. God has given me back my little girl.” Sophie”
― Melanie Dickerson, quote from The Fairest Beauty

“You must let God’s love heal you.”
― Melanie Dickerson, quote from The Fairest Beauty

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