Quotes from Ashes of Midnight

Lara Adrian ·  368 pages

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“If you were mine,” he murmured low under his breath, “I would walk through the fires of hell itself to keep you away from a man like me.”
― Lara Adrian, quote from Ashes of Midnight

“Goddamn you. How can you still make me feel this way after all these years? Damn you for leaving me! And damn you for coming back like this, just when I thought you were gone forever and I might finally be able to forget you.”
― Lara Adrian, quote from Ashes of Midnight

“Leaving you was the last thing I ever wanted to do.” He scowled, his grip holding her tighter, moving her farther into the heated wall of his body. “It was the hardest goddamn thing I’ve ever done. Ever, Claire.”
― Lara Adrian, quote from Ashes of Midnight

“You’ve had our back more than once. We’ve got yours now.”
― Lara Adrian, quote from Ashes of Midnight

“You were the only one, Andre. It’s always been you.”
― Lara Adrian, quote from Ashes of Midnight

“he settled back on the bed with her and wrapped her in his protective embrace, giving her a hundred solemn promises that he was very eager to keep, and loving her with all the reverence and worship of a blood-bonded male who had stared hell in the face and now understood that he was holding heaven in his arms.”
― Lara Adrian, quote from Ashes of Midnight

“Fuck you very much, if you think we’re gonna let you do this on your own, Reichen.”
― Lara Adrian, quote from Ashes of Midnight

“I’m bonded to her, Lucan. I love her. If you want to keep me out of this, you’re going to have to kill me right here and now.”
― Lara Adrian, quote from Ashes of Midnight

“He didn’t care that his voice and hands shook as he brought her closer. He was thoroughly unashamed of the depth of his feeling for this woman.”
― Lara Adrian, quote from Ashes of Midnight

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