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“...choose your battles wisely and remember, what the heart knows, walks afar from reason. It simply is.”
― Angelo Tsanatelis, quote from Origins

“...making some noise in the woods is a thing that one can forget. The sound of a man’s voice on the other hand, is something else entirely.”
― Angelo Tsanatelis, quote from Origins

“It was an alien place, as much inhuman as it was ungodly. There was no life in this place. It was a different world altogether.
This world was dead.”
― Angelo Tsanatelis, quote from Origins

“If a stronger enemy is confidently relaxed for the night, leave him so. Disturbing him, in any manner, is bordering stupidity.”
― Angelo Tsanatelis, quote from Origins

“He was in a strange, badly lit room, wearing even stranger clothes, getting an earful from an unknown woman, in a language that he could and couldn’t exactly place in a very disturbing way.
These were not his memories.”
― Angelo Tsanatelis, quote from Origins


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