Quotes from Slathbog's Gold

M.L. Forman ·  406 pages

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“Remember-doubts may check pride, but too much doubt will keep you from doing what must be done.”
― M.L. Forman, quote from Slathbog's Gold

“Very well," said Bregnest as a piece of toast hit him on the nose.”
― M.L. Forman, quote from Slathbog's Gold

“Alex smiled at Andy's words and then joined in the sudden biscuit battle that broke out. Thrang yelled madly at them for wasting food, but that only made him a target for everyone else.”
― M.L. Forman, quote from Slathbog's Gold

“Words can give us knowledge and understanding. They can tell us of things as they once were, as they should be, or even as they might be.”
― M.L. Forman, quote from Slathbog's Gold

“Remember—doubts may check pride, but too much doubt will keep you from doing what must be done.”
― M.L. Forman, quote from Slathbog's Gold

“And when has waiting ever been troublesome to a dwarf?”
― M.L. Forman, quote from Slathbog's Gold

“almost never free.” “We will hear what he has to say before we agree to pay”
― M.L. Forman, quote from Slathbog's Gold

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M.L. Forman
Born place: The United States
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