Quotes from Crown of Souls

Ronie Kendig ·  473 pages

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“No sane person could witness what they saw every day in the field, or carry out the acts of violence they were tasked with, and not come away affected.”
― Ronie Kendig, quote from Crown of Souls

“You weren't meant to fight this alone. On our own, we are nothing.”
― Ronie Kendig, quote from Crown of Souls

“He couldn't do it alone. That was the point, wasn't it? Bring him to the end of himself.”
― Ronie Kendig, quote from Crown of Souls

“Haven sighed. Then shrugged. "He's the best man I know, but he believes himself to be the worst. He sees himself as some...monster." She narrowed her eyes, watching Cole, thinking how best to help him. "I don't know how to change that.”
― Ronie Kendig, quote from Crown of Souls

“Because he listened to you. When everything in him told him to fight, he listened." Mr. Tzaddik's kind brown eyes met hers. "Loving a warrior is not easy. I pray our Lord Jesus will strengthen you for the journey”
― Ronie Kendig, quote from Crown of Souls

“Do not let your confidence or love be easily removed or frightened by the rage of a warrior”
― Ronie Kendig, quote from Crown of Souls

“Alec isn't worried. He isn't bothered by his actions or who he hurts." She came closer, her long blond hair curling around her neck and shoulder. "And worst of all, he is content with his actions. You?" She smiled around an airy laugh. "You're running from yourself. From anyone who sees good in you. Because you're struggling with it, with the belief that you're the same, that you've done bad things. That guilt, that shame? That should be your compass, Cole. But I don't need a compass to know you're not the same as Alec. And I wish my belief in you was enough to convince you. The actions of man speak to what's in his heart." She pressed a hand to his chest, right over the four-valved organ pumping blood through his veins. And it seemed in a hurry right now. "Read what's there, Cole.”
― Ronie Kendig, quote from Crown of Souls

“Loving a warrior is not easy. I pray our Lord Jesus will strengthen you for the journey.”
― Ronie Kendig, quote from Crown of Souls

“I have a report here from McKenna that says you and King were like brothers."
"Not like." Tox spoke evenly. "We were. Soldiers, the men I fight with are my family. We eat, sleep, and breathe the same air, chaos, bloodshed, and war.”
― Ronie Kendig, quote from Crown of Souls

“What concerns me," she said, "is that he's treading a fine line between fighting evil and becoming it.”
― Ronie Kendig, quote from Crown of Souls

“One of Tox's favorite quotes by Mark Twain was, "Everyone is a moon and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody”
― Ronie Kendig, quote from Crown of Souls

“She might not be as hard-hitting as Tzivia, but she had a depth of sincerity and gentleness that he appreciated. Needed. She cared about people. In the war of life, she was the medic and he the guy on the front lines fighting.”
― Ronie Kendig, quote from Crown of Souls

“He might not like that she'd dated the guy one, but he didn't want him dead. Most of the time.”
― Ronie Kendig, quote from Crown of Souls

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