5+ quotes from The Boss by Abigail Barnette

Quotes from The Boss

Abigail Barnette ·  327 pages

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“Yes, one of the benefits of being embarrassingly rich is that you find out if you have syphilis much earlier than the average peasant would.”
― Abigail Barnette, quote from The Boss

“It was like he'd sprung fully-formed from my eighteen-year-old fantasies, the hot History teacher who just couldn't help himself.”
― Abigail Barnette, quote from The Boss

“But the best part of catching Neil in the shower was, hands down, the loud, awful singing.”
― Abigail Barnette, quote from The Boss

“Call me old fashioned, but I kind of enjoy the so-called 'walk of shame.' It's really more a 'walk of pride because I got some.”
― Abigail Barnette, quote from The Boss

“Well, if this place is going down, I’ll just go home. I have hours of Real Housewives DVRed that I have to catch up on.” Holli sounded almost bored at the idea of the top fashion magazine in the country going into a tailspin. Probably because no matter what happened, she would be fine. Holli didn’t have an ego about her job, and would just as happily do cleaning product commercials as high-fashion shoots. I often used her somewhat lackadaisical approach to her career to get some perspective on my own.”
― Abigail Barnette, quote from The Boss

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