Quotes from Sheltered

Charlotte Stein ·  162 pages

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“What can I give you? I--"

"You give me everything.”
― Charlotte Stein, quote from Sheltered

“There were times, many, many times, when she just didn't get him. She'd heard on numerous occasions that men were bad, wicked creatures, who'd do terrible things at a moment's notice. You wore the wrong skirt or bent over at an inopportune time and BAM. They slipped their penises into you.”
― Charlotte Stein, quote from Sheltered

“See—this is the problem. You don’t even get where this is going. You can’t just ask me to come in, or kiss me, or tell me you want to know what smoking pot feels like. When I’m close to you I feel crazy, okay? When you say my name I feel crazy. It’s not…the right thing for you. I don’t think I can just…be your friend.”
― Charlotte Stein, quote from Sheltered

“The bath wasn’t the best thing. Lying with him spooned up against her, listening to the rain rattle against the glass and his voice like a rolling wave…that was the best thing.”
― Charlotte Stein, quote from Sheltered

“And there was something both frustrating and maddeningly arousing about that. His restraint made something burn low and deep in her belly, and then his mouth, oh God his mouth. He tasted like cinnamon, again, and every now and then he’d pull away, just a little — just enough to make her want to drag him back. Before giving her a teasing lick with that perfect, curling tongue of his. It set all the nerve endings in her upper lip on fire.”
― Charlotte Stein, quote from Sheltered

“His voice sounded like molten metal. As if he had something thick at the back of his throat and it was making him sound deeper and richer than he actually was.”
― Charlotte Stein, quote from Sheltered

“Ohhhhh Je-sus you’re wet. Oh fuck, you’re so wet, baby. Are you serious with this? It’s all over your legs.”

She blurted the words without thinking.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Before trying to do something mitigating, like closing her legs. Doing so proved hard, however, with him almost between them and his big hands refusing to move from her thighs.

And he looked so…so incredulous too.

“Don’t be sorry. Don’t. You should know it’s hot as fuck that you’re like this. Seriously.” He paused. Seemed to consider, before continuing. “You always like this?”
― Charlotte Stein, quote from Sheltered

“Just that one word—sound—sent a strong answering pulse through her body. His tongue curled around syllables that weren’t there, like a promise. This is what you’ll get, if you just let me hear.”
― Charlotte Stein, quote from Sheltered

“Dear God, she couldn't give this man sex. She could barely give it to Van, and he currently smelled so good she just wanted to shove her face under his t-shirt and eat whatever she found there.”
― Charlotte Stein, quote from Sheltered

“He suggested devils, skulls, harsh masculine drawings. This thing was…heart poundingly good. She wanted to pluck it, and bury her face in it, and keep it in a vase by her bedside.”
― Charlotte Stein, quote from Sheltered

“Whereas this…this was wet. His lips sank into a rhythm obviously familiar to him—like a kind of slow rock over her mouth—and there were times when she felt his tongue, hot and slippery. Times when he insinuated himself right against her and that same slipperiness made her go all funny inside.”
― Charlotte Stein, quote from Sheltered

“You know it feels good. I can hardly geta…I don’t even…”

There was something amusing about watching him trying to form a coherent sen-tence. Amusing, but arousing at the sametime.”
― Charlotte Stein, quote from Sheltered

“Why not? It's true. I don't even laugh for anyone but you."
She hesitated, for that one. Did he really mean that? Surely not.
"Tim seems like a really funny guy." She tried, but all it did was make his mouth form that mean line.
"Tim pees in the kitchen sink."
"Well, okay. I could atleast promise not to do that, but even so-”
― Charlotte Stein, quote from Sheltered

“Everything had been cloaked in sensuousness, to the point where details seemed fuzzy and languid.

Like the cuff of his sleeve stroking over the back of her hand, or the feel of his breath stirring against her lips. Her lips had grown seventy thousand nerve endings between yesterday and right now, and they seemed to buzz whenever he moved.”
― Charlotte Stein, quote from Sheltered

“I would never forbid you. I can’t forbid you. It’s not in my power to, and it never should be.”
― Charlotte Stein, quote from Sheltered

“You don’t even know how lovely you are, my Evie.”
― Charlotte Stein, quote from Sheltered

“We’re never doing this again. The next time I leave, you’re coming with me.”
― Charlotte Stein, quote from Sheltered

“It’s really kind of you,” she settled on, finally.

But in response he just shrugged. No big deal. The nicest thing anyone had ever done for her was really no big deal at all.”
― Charlotte Stein, quote from Sheltered

“God his voice sounded like pouring cream. All rich and thick and good, so good.”
― Charlotte Stein, quote from Sheltered

“Evie, stop,” he said between kisses. She should have been relieved. She should have, but really all she could feel was the heavy and constant ache between her legs. How warm it made her feel, how daring.

And of course it only got worse when he said, “God, baby, you’re so greedy.”

It didn’t even humiliate her. Somehow he made it sound like the sweetest, sexiest compliment, and when she pushed a hand through his hair and tried to get him to kiss her again, his lips parted. A ripple seemed to go through his body, as though it affected him as strongly as it affected her.”
― Charlotte Stein, quote from Sheltered

“I can’t just live here, Van. I can’t. You know I can’t. What would I contribute? What can I give to you? I—”

“You give me everything.”

“Please don’t say that.”

“Why not? It’s true. I don’t even laugh for anyone but you.”
― Charlotte Stein, quote from Sheltered

“Ohhh that’s good. Fuck you’re greedy. What do you want, huh? Tell me what you want.”
― Charlotte Stein, quote from Sheltered

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