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Sophie Davis ·  386 pages

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“Erik smoothed my shirt back into place, letting the tip of his index finger slip beneath the waistband of my pants to touch the edge of my underwear. Closing his turquoise eyes, he emitted an audible moan as he felt the lacey material. I”
― Sophie Davis, quote from Talented

“Donavon! There hasn’t been one time I have kissed you that you haven’t thought of him!” Erik screamed, pounding his hands against my bed, sending me bouncing up and down. If I thought his eerie calm voice was scary, it had nothing on his losing-his-temper voice.”
― Sophie Davis, quote from Talented

“And why was Erik fishing around in my head while we were making out, anyway? I didn’t reach into his head. Sure, I opened myself up to his feelings, but that was a lot different than rummaging around in his head to find out how I compared with every girl that he’d done whatever it is he does with them.”
― Sophie Davis, quote from Talented

“Henri cleared it with your Dad; I get to go to the city today!” “With Henri and Erik?” he didn’t sound happy. “Well, yeah. I guess, so we can spend bonding time, or whatever,” I tried to sound offhand, but I was really excited and I didn’t want him ruining my mood. “Oh, well, have fun, I guess,” he said, obviously irritated. “I know you were hoping we could go together, but Henri went through the trouble of going to the Captain and calling your Dad and stuff,” I started to apologize. “No, it’s fine. I’ll take you another time,” he cut me off. “I’ll come find you when I get back,” I promised. “Yeah, whatever.” I closed my mind again. He was killing my happy buzz. Elite Headquarters is located in West Virginia,”
― Sophie Davis, quote from Talented

“Yes, I was drinking. But I drink. You don’t. And I don’t appreciate you getting drunk for the first time without me.” “This is ridiculous, Donavon. I don’t understand why you’re so pissed. I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m going back to my cabin. I cannot deal with you right now.” I started walking away.”
― Sophie Davis, quote from Talented

“I wanted to take a quick look into her head, wanted to see if she felt it, too, but decided against the intrusion. I knew I wouldn’t want somebody invading my most painful and private memories.”
― Sophie Davis, quote from Talented

“height restrictions for the structures long forgotten.”
― Sophie Davis, quote from Talented

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